Learn to play gospel piano

Even well-trained pianists can fall and tremble when asked to play a simple melody or hymn from the Gospel.

They have no difficulty reading the notes but seem completely lost in how to fill in the blanks when a dotted half note or a whole note appears on the score. This problem seems to make them unable to improvise on the spot, which would make them look like real beginner pianists.

I have good news because there is a new resource that has resurfaced that is only available to people like you who want to learn Gospel piano quickly and easily.

Yes, it is true and you won't believe how easy it is to play Gospel piano and bring music to life with expression and emotion, whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years.

It's all part of a new resource called Learning to Play Gospel Piano.

Here are some of the features of this course:

  • Technique development with suggestions for complete practice, including scales and arpeggios to bring your gospel to life.
  • An introduction to memory training which plays an important role in the gospel and the various exercises you can do to increase your confidence in playing.
  • Discover how to develop the correct technique using your fingers and how to improve your weak fingers and when to use your thumb.
  • How to make the piano speak like a Gospel pianist by making sure you have the right fingers on the right keys.
  • Understand the different finger exercises and the best way to use them for yourself.
  • How to use the metronome correctly and why it can greatly improve your gospel pianist skills.
  • Why improvisation plays an important role in Gospel music and the relationship of improvisation to Gospel piano accompaniment.
  • Includes simplified four-part provisions for the novice student and more complex provisions for the more experienced player.
  • What is meant by octave chord accompaniment and examples of octave chord forms?
  • How to approach the prelude of a song using improvisation and knowing what the duration of the prelude should be and even when to use an incomplete prelude
  • An introduction to playing with a choir and working with the choir conductor using the suggested arrangements for the singing service

Will the material in this course help you?

It might. Maybe it won't. But there is only one way to find out and the creators of Learn to Play Gospel Piano are willing to give you 60 days to check it for yourself without any risk.